how to make a recruitment topic

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how to make a recruitment topic Empty how to make a recruitment topic

Post  Iperks on Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:17 am

A header explaining the purpose of the topic in few words. The size of the font is the bigger than normal.A basic description
Which positions you are recruiting for
A section for each position explaining the function of the position
Some appetizers and some final notes perhaps. If you have some previous successful projects you could use them to show off.
This will help making the topic more interesting and make it look a bit professional. Making it look professional seems to help.
You should know that the basic structure I have given you is nowhere the only one and others may be better.
Just put some effort into writing the topic. Well… Let the topic shine with effort.
Oh, and a technicality. Remember to update your first post with relevant information giving in later posts.

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