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Mystic of Hunters [RMVXA] Moh_by_crow5derlock-d5qcdrx

Story: Your name is Torren, Your an average Hunter to the bare eye, in fact for a while you've been contemplating things. but your running low on supplies and need to head back to town and sell your Game. Your main goal is simply survival, Upon survival in the world though is unfortunate that Money is one key to getting food other than standard hunting.


Torren: Torren is a hunter with a mysterious past, he tries to close off most of his emotions but he's still only human. He runs into Nile in a tavern giving him a mysterious offer that he just doesn't seem to be deniable for you.

Nile: Nile is a particular Hunter who prefers to go with the flow, and he doesn't believe in coincidences Only fate!
Nile is a Bounty Hunter at the greatest length, and money is his top concern, aside from women anyway.

Setra: She's quick, and to say the least your broke now!
Setra is a thieving huntress who knows when a deal isn't fair, though she'll take the deal she'll quickly steal what rightfully belongs to her.
Setra ends up taking a liking to Nile and tags along.

Conna: You originally meet her upon completing your first job you meet Conna and her mother, they were the clients of your first Bounty Job. Though She doesn't particularly care much for her life at home. In secret she trains in witchcraft, and is too powerful for her own good.

Tila: (Coming soon)

Terri and Livia: (Coming soon)


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Mystic of Hunters [RMVXA] 545002_3612844458843_669083242_n
Mystic of Hunters [RMVXA] 307101_3612844818852_1571610591_n
Mystic of Hunters [RMVXA] 386594_3612844778851_1517784203_n

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And GrandmaDeb for her Resource list that led to Momope

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