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Post  Iperks on Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:52 pm

Name: devils nest

Genre: Dark Rpg

Story: Quite a long time ago their was peace between us humans and the long gone demons and goblins. But they have come back and we are at war you have been enlisted and you must fight for you kingdom. This letter has been sent from the kings officials and no reaction or presence from you will result in 18 years in jail.

Player: Damnit, how come im always forced to join them... ughhh.

20 min before war: Well soldiers we are to go to war, We are to win we can not let them kill our family's and burn our city's!

Are you with me


Now let us FIGHT!

!0 min after the battle

Player: We won, but im almost all alone.... so many dead how!!!
I must leave!

After running through the castle walls you where ambushed by survivors and sent to a near by hospital... their you were being looked at and now being worked on as you are dying

Doctor: How can this be! he was almost to the point of being able to recover!

What they knew not was the demons where also regathering for a war. now with the kingdom weak, he(devil) is now taking the strongest of survivors and using them as power to release hells army! You were... saved..... by hope, or was it spirit? yet your weak now low and lost where are you? All you know now is this is where the challenge begins.

Other info: this is a side game that only the community knows about. it is not very close to dont but i will be working on it alot so look for more updates!

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