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Post  SoraAngel0 on Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:37 pm

You are just a child walking around but all of the sudden your cellphone lights up and says: "you shall die in" and FLASH you dissapear into the ancient times but the phone told you that you were going to die but you somehow survived it. You woke up in a ruin with a drawn prophecy with you in it! you look at it and says you have to defeat the Element Dragons(Fire,Water,Earth,Wind,Lightning). In order to save the world from distorting every land sea and volcanoes. you get arrested in town and brought to the king when he said("mighty prophecy you must help our town Leavia from the earth dragon! otherwise the world is unbalanced)so you make your way through each dragon thinking it would be over until a shadow person appears thanking you for releasing me from the 5 elements seal. Now a whole new adventure has begun!

Envious Dreams:
You wake up but still in a dream it seems and everything around you is completely dark until one light lits up and you go through it you hear a girl singing by the ocean and suddenly you were attracted towards her like a magnet and when the singing stopped you fainted and she takes you away into a castle waking up chained and a hooded figure walks towards you and stabs you with a sword crawling into you and you absorb it.You turn beserk eyes red and a beast inside you comes out wiping the whole building until that girl sings a strange song and you turn back into an ELF. Waking up once again with no memories and taking orders from the other people completing their plans to create 9 suns which would summon an ultimate sun dragon,which would reborn the entire elf race and can save the whole world from extinction by the moon dragon from the Dark elfs race. You become their ultimate weapon...

Blood Chronicles:
You are a demon lord who passed out in a fight which made you lose memories of yourself as you help the town to fend of other demons you realized that one day everything grays out with no color and everything around freezes but you that the time is being distorted opening some sort of portal as you go in a demon who sees you runs away which then you chase after and he hides behind a old man telling you that you have the blood of Bolsar the king of all demons within you and that you should master to stop the time distortion making everything De-Evolve then eventually dies.So you train all day with the demon powers sealed within you to stop you from berserking and destroying everything,one drink of the blood and u may heal yourself. As you complete mastering the blood of Bolsar you were told that there is a secret tree of Athena which can make your powers holy and very strong!(u can choose not to but the story ending will be different). As you head under that tree the tree spits out its sap and you start to have unbearable pain which you have to endure(pressing keys). Making your blood into the blood of Xenia the mighty lord of the skies(which was sealed away from the time distortion).Then you venture on hoping in succeeding to save the world(choose your setting something original).

(If you choose not to have the holy powers the story will end like this). You who mastered the blood of Bolsar did not wish to change your DNA(skill gauge) so you venture on into the darkness and when you face the Demon(Kasayk) who was behind this he laughs at you saying that you were actually the lord of all demons?(teases you) then you suddenly have a headache and rages remembering the things from the past which unleashed out huge amount of blood and changes into Bolsar(the demon lord) you battle Kasayk. After that you were killed by the old man who taught you the mastery of the blood....

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More Stories made by me Empty Nice job XD

Post  Iperks on Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:08 am

They are all great. But the second one needs some sort of short background of the main character and girl, the first was quite good but also a bit overused in the sense of elements and dragons. The third in my opinion is the best. I love how some of the action change the ending.

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