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Post  robbieagray on Fri Oct 11, 2013 10:19 pm

So here is a tale I decided to write and since it is nearing Halloween I thought you would all enjoy it. So read on ahead. However I shall worn you it could be rather... disturbing. Shocked  Laughing

The Eater

Jerrod was walking home Halloween night with his little bag of candy. Despite being a sixteen year old kid Jerrod still loved to go “trick or treating.” He loved the costumes, he loved the candy, he loved the decorations, he even loved the girls in their scantily clad costumes (Why? Because he is a sick pervert and this is my story okay! Now SHUT UP!).

As of now Jerrod was seven blocks away from his house and he was dying to eat all the yummy candy he had collected. As he continued walking he could have sworn he felt something or someone watching him. He glanced up at a window in a nearby house and was shocked to see a pale face with large black pupils staring down at him. Its dark gaze pierced the Jerrod’s very heart. How he didn’t know all he knew was that he needed to continue walking.

He walked for another block at for a while the feeling of being watched had ceased. Or so he thought but moments later it had returned and his stomach lurched with fear. He turned around to see the same pale face now looking around the corner of a nearby building at him. Those black eyes now more visible stared at him and made his blood run cold.

Jerrod looked around him. He needed to outrun this terrible face. Then he remembered that there was a short cut through the park to his house. So he ran through the park, around the man-made pond in the center. He still felt the thing stalking him and he turned around but saw nothing. Had it stopped following him? Was it going to leave him alone?

He began to walk away and as he did Jerrod noticed something in the water. Looking up at him was a white face. It had pure black eyes with no iris and no sclera. Also it seemed not to have a nose either. However Jerrod didn’t see much for soon he was back to running. Running for his life. Running for his sanity. Running just to get away from the horrific monstrosity.

Finally he reached his house. As soon as Jerrod ran inside he shut the door and locked it with the deadbolt. He shuttered the windows. He ran up to room and sat weeping on his bed with his little bag of candy beside him. He wished his parents were here with him but they had gone on a trip and wouldn’t be back for another few days. Hours passed and all the children went home. Nothing stirred and nothing creaked.

With no more tears left Jerrod decided to enjoy his candy. He pulled out a bar and as he pealed it open he saw a shape in the corner. A figured huddled up just watching him. After a few moments of both figures standing motionless the creature finally moved. It rose to its towering height, he didn’t touch Jerrod’s ceiling but it could have easily touched it.

The creature had black leathery skin with marks and runes made of what looked like white chalk. Its pale face bore those terrible eyes. It had no nose and only small holes for ears. Its mouth upper jaw was prominent with large sharp teeth like a sharks however all these features were the least frightening compared to its lower jaw, which hung down low show it’s lower canines were at waste level. It bore a flickering gray tongue which also seemed to possess teeth of its own.

Jerrod screamed one final scream as the creature slowly stretched out its arms and nabbed up the sixteen year old boy with its bird like talons.
Jerrod’s body was never found. When his parents returned home they called the police and sent out search bulletins for their lost child. However this was all in vain. For when the hunger of the Eater has been sated, nothing can return from those terrible jaws.


So what did you think? Did you enjoy it? Please feel free to provide me with feedback. Smile 

This tale was partially inspired by the fact that I was wanting to make a multiplayer rpg maker game along the lines of Slender Stop It. However we were lacking a monster(s), so I made one. Like I said enjoy.
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