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Post  robbieagray on Sat Oct 26, 2013 10:01 pm

The Pony in the Television
By: Robbieagray

WARNING! If you are a fan of MLP or cute little animals then I suggest you leave. Otherwise enjoy.

It was 3:00 PM. Debbie ran down stairs into the living room and turned on the TV. It was time for her favorite show to start. As she turned on the television images of lush trees and cookie castles assailed the screen, illuminating the dark room. Then the ponies came out. They pranced all around the courtyard and sang merrily. Here in Cabafuria talking ponies and magic were possible. This is how it was always like in Pretty Pony Land (PPL) and Debbie loved it.

The girl had collected all the pony dolls from the show that had come out and had gone to various restaurants where she begged her mother to buy her kid’s meals with the pony toys. She had posters in her room showing all her favorite ponies including her favorite character Peachy.

Debbie was happy that the show was on today. It had been dark and gloomy outside, and the strange sensation of electricity pulsed through the air. She hadn’t been able to play outside all day due to her mother keeping her inside from the storm. So watching the show was the only fun the young six year old had had all day.

She watched as the main pony Peachy was wondering about an abandoned ruin when suddenly she was captured by the infamous Dark-Mane, a mysterious pony that had been stalking them. Debbie watched as Peachy begged for her pony friends to not abandon her when all of a sudden… the TV screen went pitch black. All the power in the house been knocked out in a power outage.

Debbie cried for the rest of the afternoon and when dinner time came she didn’t want to eat. When the power finally came back on Debbie’s mother said that she needed to go to be despite Debbie’s complaints. So as she lay in her bed Debbie cried her eyes dry until an idea filled her head. Perhaps Peachy was still there! Still trapped in that dreadful prison of black vines and thorny bars, crying out to be saved. And why would Debbie think otherwise. She was a little kid and didn’t really understand the concept of TV scheduling and channel times.

The little girl snuck out of her bed and tiptoed down the stairs. Her tiny little feet making no sounds on the fabric covered steps. Debbie peaked over the edge to see if her mother was watching one of her late night recordings. However the living room was dark, which meant that Debbie’s mother had gone to bed. Seeing that the coast was clear Debbie walked into the living room and turned on the television set.

At first the only thing that Debbie saw was black and white static on the screen with white noise rumbling from the speakers. Then somehow the PPL show resumed almost as if only a few minutes had passed since it had stopped earlier that afternoon. It seemed as if Debbie would be able to watch the rest of the show. Now the rest of the pony cast sat around a wooden table in the house of one of the ponies, discussing what had happened.

“Do you think it was wise for us to abandon her?” Light-Strike (one of the few male ponies in the cast) asked. Being a Pegasus he scratched one of his blue wings as he waited for a response.

“We had no choice. Dark-Mane was too strong. We were not strong enough to fight him then.” Sparkle said as she wiped her mane over her shoulder. Sparkle was another beautiful pony like Peachy and it was argued among the shows fan base as to which pony was prettier.

“We still should have tried something.” A light green pony named, Lima-Been said as she tapped her front hooves together in a nervous manner, “Now she is lost with… him.”

“Do you think there is anything we can do?” Light-Strike asked.

“There is nothing we can do for her now. Peachy is lost.” Sparkle replied.

Debbie could not believe what she was hearing. How could they do this? Hadn’t the power of their friendship helped them escape the traps of Dark-Mane before? Why would they abandon Peachy like this? This situation enraged Debbie but she continued to watch the show.

“We need a plan. We need to get Peachy back!” a purple pony named, Beri-Sprinkle exclaimed.

“WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND!” Sparkle yelled, “PEACHY IS GONE! SHE ISN’T COMING BA…” Sparkle was cut off when a large slashing sound appeared and some red substance splashed all over the place.

All the ponies turned to look at the source of the fluid and saw Beri-Sprinkle. Her eyes were looking up into the back of her head and the end of a large kitchen knife was sticking out of her chest. Bright red fluid bubbled out of her mouth as she fell from her chair and collapsed to the floor. The red substance leaked from there chest cavity onto the wooden floor below.

Behind where the now deceased pony has sat, stood another pony. This pony stood on her two hind legs, which is something that most ponies don’t ordinarily do. She had an orange hide with green and pink hair with a tail of a matching set of colors. Her eyes were large and red and an eerie grin stretched across her face. In her hoof she held a kitchen knife covered with Beri’s blood. The other ponies looked at her in disbelief.

“Peachy?” Light-Strike asked, “What have you done?”

Debbie couldn’t see Peachy very well because the ponies back was to the screen. However Debbie could tell that something wasn’t right with this pony. Something was wrong with Peachy. Horribly wrong.

“I did what I had to in order to survive,” Peachy said menacingly, she then turned towards Sparkle, “She forced me to do this!”

“WHAT?” Sparkle exclaimed, “ME?”

Peachy turned back to Light-Strike, “There never was a Dark-Mane. Sparkle made him up. Then she kidnapped and imprisoned me so she could have you all to herself.” Peachy spoke waving the kitchen knife at the white pony across the table.

“THAT IS A LIE!” Sparkle yelled. Despite Sparkle’s protest Peachy ignored her and kept her gaze on Light-Strike.

“But you are also to blame Light. You listened to her and left me behind. You could have stayed there and helped me but you didn’t. Instead you left me there to rote in that cage.” Peachy said in a dark tone. Her knife still moving freely through the air.

“Peachy you need to get some help. You need to calm down.” Light-strike said, “We can help yo…”


All of a sudden a small knife flew out of nowhere and slashed open Light-Strike’s throat. He stared at Peachy in disbelief as blood bubbled from the cut and gurgling sounds escaped the opening. Then his eyes rolled back into his skull and he collapsed to the floor. Sparkle screamed and knelt down beside the diseased pony. Lima-Bean scuttled into the corner and began to cry.

“All of you must suffer.” Peachy spoke in a whisper, “Especially…”

Suddenly Peachy’s head spun a full 180 degrees around to face the screen where Debbie was watching from. As she did Debbie could hear cracking sounds as Peachy’s neck cracked and twisted.

“YOU!” Peachy said wide-eyed as she looked piercingly at Debbie from the other side of the screen, “WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST YOU ABANDONED ME AND FOR THAT YOU MUST PAY!”

At first it seemed as though the screen was zooming in on Peachy’s face or so Debbie thought until she saw an orange hoof step out of the television screen. It was followed by another and then an orange snout. Debbie watched in terror as Peachy’s face and horrific grin came through the TV set.

“I am coming for you!” Peachy said and Debbie screamed. She ran up the stairs and didn’t look back but she could feel the shadow of the bipedal pony crawling out of the screen and following her up the stairs.

When Debbie reached her room she barricaded the door with a plastic chair. Then she looked for a place to hide. At first she considered the closet but changed her mind and decided to hide underneath her bed. As she lay there waiting she could hear the pony menace walking up the stairs. A knife scrapping against the wall slicing through the aqua tinted wallpaper.

Peachy stopped at the door. From under the bed Debbie could see the shadow of the pony’s hooves through the crack underneath the doorframe. She flinched as she heard the pony on the other side try to pry open the door. After a few loud bangs Peachy burst through the door. She looked around the room trying to find Debbie’s hiding place. She looked in the closet but found nothing she looked around a little more but she didn’t spot Debbie underneath the bed.

After a few minutes of searching Peachy left the Debbie’s bed room and went out into the hall. The hall light went off and there was silence. Debbie waited for what felt like eternity until she was certain that the demented pony was gone. She itched her way out inch by inch. The room seemed to be safe and then Debbie felt something tap her on the shoulder.

The six year old girl looked up to see two red eyes looking down at her from the top of her bed. A large grin met her gaze and dread went down her spine as she heard the creature say, “Are you ready to be punished?”

The next morning Debbie’s mom awoke to a strange sight. The TV in the living room was on and showing static. There was a large scratch on the wall along with some scratches on her daughter’s bed room door. Afraid for her daughter, Debbie’s mom opened the door to her daughter’s room. Everything was a mess with items strewn all over the place. Debbie sat barely conscious in the corner of her room wrapped in a wool blanket.

When the paramedics arrived Debbie was found to be in shock. She also had some deep cuts on her back. There was blood found on the rug leading from the television set up to Debbie’s room. The lab identified the blood as belonging to a strange breed Equus Ferus Caballus, or horse.

They could not explainwhat had happened as all the doors and windows had been locked tight. Nor could Debbie’s sudden Equiophobia (a fear of horses) or her Televisophobia (a fear of televisions) be explained. When asked about the event Debbie would only say one thing:

“It came from the TV.”


So that is the newest short horror story I have written. I hope you all enjoyed it as it took a lot of effort to think up how this story would go and how to make it interesting without it being overly gruesome. I hope you all enjoy it and perhaps we shall see more of peachy around. Wink

Feel free to give CONSTUCTIVE advice.

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