Raymock Files – 007: Lirdet Dalca

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Raymock Files – 007: Lirdet Dalca Empty Raymock Files – 007: Lirdet Dalca

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Raymock Files – 007: Lirdet Dalca

Hello there ladies and gentleman, I am James Raymock the third here to tell you of my discoveries on Isla Licolandis.  For those of you who don’t know I am an explorer and I like to search for things that are bizarre and puzzling.

I came to Isla Licolandis due to the legend that it had once been inhabited but that one day its natives just disappeared. While many have tried to discover the reason behind this mass disappearance only one consistent source seems to show up… Lirdet Dalca.

According to hieroglyphs found in ruins on the island (which I have seen with my own eyes) the natives used to worship a deity known as Vio Hanu, who served as a deity to protect children. One day a visitor came to the island and showed them great power. When the natives asked the visitor where he received his power he told of a dark god named Lirdet Dalca.

One strange thing to be noted is that the pictograms of the visitor appear reveal him as a female. However all literal accounts refer to the visitor as a male.

Unfortunately many of the records following this have either been lost, destroyed, or a too disfigured to give us much information. It has been implied by some glyphs that there may have been a split between the natives. One serving their mother goddess, Vio Hanu the other serving the dark god, Lirdet Dalca.

Some glyphs depict the two deities fighting amongst each other. Vio Hanu is depicted usually as a female priestess while Lirdet Dalca as an Octopus with the head of a beetle. However despite these glyphs having the two deities fighting it is implied that it was the tribesmen on both sides fighting each other over which was the better god.

More records beyond this point are missing. Some say that there was a great cataclysm that wiped out both sides. Others say that the followers of Lirdet Dalca won and somehow summoned their deity to our world. While there is very little evidence pointing to this last theory the hieroglyph with Lirdet Dalca descending from the sky seems to be the chief piece of evidence people use for this theory.

While I was on the island I was able to observe these hieroglyphs as well as statures related to the two deities. Both statues appear to be made out of an aqua green stone and litter the country side. We have been given permission by the local authorities to take some of the statues for examining.

When examining a room in one of the ruins we found a ritual dagger of sorts resting on a stone table. From the runes on the hilt of the blade we can tell that the blade was called, “Lirdet Yalsegnev” which depending on translators either means, “The Bane of Lirdet” or “The Retribution of Lirdet.” However due to there being very little knowledge of the Licolandian’s language, no one can say for sure which translation is true. We will bring the dagger back with us to the states as well.

---After Returning Home---

My secretary has told me that while I was gone a strange woman in tribal attire arrived a few days before my return to the states with a letter.
When I opened the letter it read as follows:

“Do not break the fifth wall. Do not pierce its light veil. For if you do you will bring it back to us and it shall feast once more. Grasping and squirming for its next meal it will be upon us and their shall be no escape. Our plight shall be for not for it leaves little to remain. When it takes control it takes everything we know and grinds it to dust.”

The letter was signed with a simple, “-VH”

Sadly the dagger we found in the ruins was confiscated upon our return. Supposedly the authorities of the region claimed we stole it. As a result some company representing the region reclaimed the artifact.

Despite that loss we were able to keep the two statues we brought back from Isle Licolandis and we made an astonishing discovery. When we x-rayed the two statues we found a skeleton within the statue belonging to Lirdet Dalca. From what was observed of the skeleton’s garb and hip structure we could tell that the individual may have been a priestess of some sort. The skeleton had her knees against her chest with her arms holding the legs close to her body.

After we removed the body from the statue we discovered that the body had been placed in some oily black fluid in order to perhaps preserve the body. The priestess’s bones seem to have strange swirling patterns etched into them. What instruments were used to etch in these patterns is uncertain but the fact that they cover every surface of these bones is puzzling. Also close inspection of the garments around the skeleton does indeed indicate that the skeleton was in fact a priestess of sorts.

When my secretary saw the tribal garb she said it faintly resembled the garb that the tribal woman had worn when she brought the letter to my office the other day.


As of right now there isn’t very much conclusive information as to what happened to the individuals of Isle Licolandis. However we can conclude that there may have been a civil war on the island over deity worship.

Thank you for reading this file. This is James Raymock signing out.


This story was my attempt to make a stab at the Cthulhu mythos with my own little twists. I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope to have some more of James Raymock's files showing up in the Insandied Universe soon.

Your feedback is always useful so please feel free to give it in a constructive manner. Thank you.
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