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Post  XIX on Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:54 pm

This is A project i'm working on for a contest, it will be done with nothing but events, no scripts at all. Custom Resources will be used.
Ideas for structuring:
1:three dimensions
a:You have different stats in each dimension
b:Each dimension has its own unique traits
c:Each dimension is connected to one another
I:First dimension is basic Earth
II:Second dimension is Hell Earth
III:Third Dimension is Ether Earth
2:Time System
a:the time system will have different tint settings for each dimension
b:each dimension has it's own time flow
I:Each dimension's time flow may be faster or slower than that of the main dimension
c:different events will be available at different times
3:Bank System
a:complete bank system

So far i have all the system ideas set out for the project and how I will use them.

Now Everyone Don't forget to welcome!!!
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