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Post  XIX on Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:40 pm

http://crow5derlock.deviantart.com/journal/Custom-Characters-483605728 (Admin Approved offsite link.)
My original 3 character rewritten, and some new ones being added.

Name: Jory Kaito

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Persona: Jory is Blunt, seemingly emotionless, though he is Kind as well. Jory Looks as though he might kill heartlessly, though personally he could never do so in cold blood. A mystery drives Jory to extremes, His undying thirst for knowledge leads him to trouble, though he Always manages to escape the situation.

Fears:Rodents, That time of the month!

Likes:Food, Family, Friends, Food, Swordplay, Ships, Food, Gambling, Fair deals, Food, Fishing, Mysteries, Puzzles

Dislikes:Lemon with his salmon. Most of what jory dislikes is dishonesty, rudeness, and Cruelty

Appearance: Jory has bluish black hair. His hair stands spiked up naturally. His eyes are a bright sea blue, and hold a serious tone. Jory is about 5'11", He is has a slick build with light muscle definition, and fair skin under a light brown tan. He has Magenta Eyes.

Apparel: Jory wears a light rope as a headband, knee length shorts with 6 pockets, two at his thighs, brown suspenders with a sword strap on the back, a washed out navy blue vest, and Getta sandals (Japanese wooden sandals).

Weapon: Jory's weapon is a Sword that was custom made to mimic the japanese Tsugiri (Dual edged japanese sword.), and an English long sword, its length is 4'6"(4 1/2 feet.). (In the world jory is from neither japan nor England exist, though countries with similar cultures exist and the sword has been adopted from both of them.)


Name: Nara Kaito

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Persona: Nara is Cheerful but also pretty stern. Nara is slightly emotionally unstable, she's usually pretty happy, though sometimes she can change to brutally Spiteful. Nara is also Quite forgetful with the simplest of things(i.e. Underwear). Though she is forgetful she is also Modest in thought.

Fears: Cats

Likes: Money, Cooking, Fishing, Sailing, fighting, marksmanship, Ruins, architecture, puzzles

Dislikes:Con artists, Gamblers, Thieves, Cheats, Morally Corrupted individuals, Rapists.

Appearance: Nara's has Greenish Black Hair. Her hair about 12 inches long, her bangs go diagonally from her right eyebrow to just below her left eye, and she usually has her hair braided around her head from right to left. Nara's Body measurements are 5'5" 32-25-34, Or would be if she would ever let anyone get close enough to take them. (Yes she has hair, yes she has nipples, I'll leave the formalities of those private areas to your imagination. And yes she's pure.) She has Magenta eyes.

Apparel: Nara's outfits consist of thigh length shirts (white, white orange striped, blue grey and white striped.), flat rope sandals, and usually a pair of panties. Her Alternate Outfit is a pair of orange short shorts/short skirt, rope sandals, a bra, and sometimes panties and a white or brown vest.

Weapon: Nara uses a dual barrel Revolver with full set round bullet clips for quick reload.


Name: Old Man Kaito: Old Man Kaito Is the same.


Name: Crogo

Age: 212

Gender: Male

Race: Frog Demon

Persona: Crogo is a bit Empty Headed. Crogo knows hardly anything about humans, but when it comes to ancient Demon history and myths Crogo Tends to have some information. Crogo Has a bad habit of speaking in past tense, and 3rd person when scared.

Fears: Large Animals, Scorpions

Likes: Bugs, History, Mythology, Water, Trees, Fried slugs

Dislikes: Apples, Salt, fire

Appearance: Crogo is a frog man Demon. Imagine... hmmm, Something similar to this. (I do not Own this Deviation, It just looks similar to the visual I have of Crogo.) Crogo is shaped similar to a Tree Frog. Crogo stands upright, Where his neck is it arches over to look forward. his upper torso is more similarly shaped to that of a human, though still becoming extremely skinny down towards his waist giving him an upside triangular body shape. His hands are a mix between Human and frog, shaped like a human hand with frog like fingers and padding. Crogo's Eyes are Blue and frog-like, though not as bulbous as a tree frog's eyes. Crogo Stands at 5'2" and is Forest green in color.

Apparel: Crogo wears brown shorts and a tri strap belt across his chest that connects to his shorts on the left side holding them up, one of the straps goes over his shoulder.

Weapon: Crogo Wields a staff with a small spiked foot ball shaped pommel on the end, the staff is 6' tall.


Name: Colton Stein

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Persona: Colton Is a Cheerful calm individual. Born and raised in the upper class he developed a type of quick whit and rebellious attitude. Colton dislikes poor judgement and dishonest treatment.

Fears: Chickens, Roosters, Eels, Bones

Likes: Bananas, Chocolate, Roast Duck, Roast Goose, Roast Turkey, Roast Beef, Roast pork, Roast Lamb (Roast anything), Technology, Fighting, Gambling, Luck

Dislikes: Political Corruption, Oatmeal, Rice-meal, blood

Appearance: Colton stands at 6'3", he has dark golden blonde hair that is long on the top and left side, then shaved on the right. Colton has heavy muscle definition, he's average build and thin. Colton has a scar on his right bicep. he has green eyes.

Apparel: Colton wears green pants, a white shirt, and green jacket with black boots.

Weapon: Colton Has a glove that is heavily armored and padded with gun barrels on each knuckle.

Name: Vora

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Persona: Vora is Dominant and Commanding. She has a Knack for Putting men in their place.

Fears: Fire, Lava, Ants

Likes: Rum, Flirting, Demanding, Commanding, Brawling

Dislikes: Urchins, Kids, Animals, tax Collectors

Appearance: Vora Stands at 5'7" her measurements are 35-27-25. Vora has wavy red hair, and olive green eyes, she has a thin build and a "perfect" composure.

Apparel: Vora wears Short shorts, underwear, a button up shirt that cuts off at the belly, suspenders and calf length boots. She will also occasionally wear a long brown trench coat

Weapon: Vora Wields a 3 1/2 foot cutlass, a revolver and a dagger half the size of the cutlass.

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Post  Iperks on Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:46 pm

Interesting, with the first character i kind of imagined some sort of dragonball character.
The second character is interesting or "special".
the third i imagined as an old wise man till i saw the part about the frog Very Happy
The forth resembles someone i know quite well.


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