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Post  XIX on Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:29 pm

Hello WarCry Game makers, Writers, Artist, And those from the Great unknown.
I am Crowseph Xavier Derlock And I am Announcing the Reboot of the WarCry Studios Forum.
Over Time I will be changing bits and pieces of the forum to A newer More customized version Specifically for WarCry.
WarCry is also Seeking new staff members to help moderate the forums and begin making the  forum active with topics. If anyone is interested pm me or email me, you all should have received a notice email, and if not then I will post it at the end of this topic.
A Few of the changes That will be implimented:

  1. New colors. the blues and Blacks are great with the space theme, but WarCry is not a sifi forum and I intend to change the background as soon as a new color scheme can be established
  2. Forum Contests, I plan to Begin forum contests to earn Cosmetic Badges that establish your winnings and participation. (as soon as the Support forums add badges.)
  3. User Activity, I plan to get users on the forum Active.
  4. Free Games for the Users. I plan to finish up some Game that will be Free to WarCry Members.

Also, We will be taking suggestions for the forum. Anyone who has an Idea, their Idea will be welcome!
Have a good Day.

Now Everyone Don't forget to welcome!!!
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