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Happy Jerry
By: Robbieagray

The Omega Company on the surface built circuit boards for computers and phones. However that was only the surface, under it all was a much darker aspect. Secret experiments were performed by the company first on monkeys. However after their bizarre experiments on the monkeys left few results they disposed of the primates and started to experiment on humans.

Their experiments are bizarre to the extreme and only those involved in the experiments know about those terrible horrors. What evil arose from their foolishness? What monstrosities lurk in the shadows of that secret company?


This is a story of a man named Jerry. Jerry lived in an apartment complex and worked as a candy salesman. He would hand out free candy samples to his neighbors in the apartment complex. Didn’t matter if he liked you or not he would still give you a sample. Although it was nearly impossible for anyone not to like Jerry since it was easy for him to make friends.

Jerry worked for the candy store known as Sweety Palace, where he served under his employer known as Ryan “P” Revol, who was the self-proclaimed “king” of the Sweety Palace. Surprisingly both Jerry and his boss Ryan were able to work together pleasantly.

Jerry served as a taste tester as well as promotional expert, which wasn’t hard since many of the individuals who Jerry gave samples to usually went out and bought more candy. Jerry really loved his job and was happy.

Another hobby that Jerry had was painting. He painted walls and floors. He would splash different shades of one color onto a wall. Some rooms were sprayed with different shades of green. Others blue and others purple. He painted each room with a different color and with different shades of that color. There were few that disapproved of his unique tastes.

When it came to his tasks Jerry was light on his feet. He could move from place to place with ease on his fast feet. When it came to painting and passing out candy there were few that were faster than Jerry.

Jerry’s neighbors were a lively bunch. Quiet but lively. They enjoyed his art and they enjoyed his candy. They laughed whenever he showed up with a large candy cane in his hand. They were always pleased to see Jerry. In fact Jerry was going to see a neighbor that had just moved in and Jerry was happy.


This is the story of a woman named Kim. Kim stood in the middle of a dark hallway. The walls and floors were stained in different shades of crimson. At the secretary’s feet lay the body of a security guard with a large gash in his face. The look on the deceased man’s face was that of shock and surprise.

Kim knew she was in trouble. The Omega Company had been performing different experiments on human test subjects. The first line of experiments had revolved around mind control. After liquefying the brains of different test subjects the company had decided to use these failed test subjects for another line of experiments.

As she walked through the hallway Kim noticed that there were more bodies present. Now the bodies of test subjects and lab technicians began to show up all covered in their own blood.  As Kim walked down the hallway she came across one of the cells that was different from all the rest. Unlike some of the other cells in the building there were no corpses in this cell. There were also strange crayon drawings all over the walls. Sketches of candy, children running and playing in the park, of people laughing, and blue doors.

Kim recalled that the Omega Company had even attempted to create personal teleporters. However most of the human test subjects for this project either died or became even more nuts then they were from the previous experiment. So far the attempts to make humans teleport had all failed.  While some of the test subjects who did survive mysteriously appeared in different rooms after the experiments none of them seemed to be able to do it on their own.  

Now on one wall appeared to be a shrine of sorts. There were drawings of flowers and candy wrappers littering the wall and floor. In the center of it all were multiple sketches of smiling faces. Every face was happy like the face of a child during his birthday or a married couple after their kiss. All the smiles were happy and peaceful.  

Suddenly Kim heard sort of a static electrical sound behind here and a strange blue light flashed off of the surfaces of the room. When Kim turned around she saw a man. He was wearing one of the outfits the test subjects wore. There were specks of crimson on the blue suit and on the black shoes that came with it. Kim then noticed the man’s face. He had a slight grin on his face, which seemed to widen as he looked at Kim. It wasn’t a creepy smile, more like that of a child who has opened a present on Christmas morning and found in it the toy that he had wanted all year. This smile would have been soothing and pleasing if it were not for the red fireman’s axe within the man’s hands.

The name tag on the blue uniform read, Jerry Drake.

“Hello, there.” Jerry Spoke, his face lit up like a little kids, “Would you like a candy cane?”

---Back to Jerry---

Jerry was happy with his new friend. She was pretty and so nice to him. She loved to eat his candy and she couldn’t stop smiling. Her new shade of lipstick helped bring out her wide
smile, even if it was a little bit lopsided. This girl was a little bit quiet but Jerry didn’t mind. Then Jerry remembered that today was his birthday and so he brought his new friend to his place to meet his other friends. He was so happy that all his neighbors could get along so nicely but right after opening his last present Jerry realized something.

Perhaps he should try to go and make new friends. He had been around his apartment for so long that he had never thought about making friends elsewhere. This idea really pleased Jerry.

So after the birthday celebration Jerry told his friends about his new endeavor and bid them farewell. They all smiled and waved as they remained seated in their chairs. They would wait patiently for his return Jerry knew.  He was pleased by this thought that his friends would still be sitting there when he returned.

Jerry went down to the lobby and waved farewell to the receptionist who limply waved back to him. In the center of the lobby was a blue door. Jerry had used this blue door before but only to go from one place of the complex to the other. Now he was going to use it to leave this place. Thus Jerry opened the blue door out of his apartment complex and set out to explore the world and make new friends.

And as Jerry left the Omega Company complex… Jerry was happy.


So I hope you all enjoy this new character/monster that I have introduced. May Happy Jerry forever haunt your dreams and teleport into your worst nightmares.  Laughing
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